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Hello, and welcome to PokéBattles. We are the original Pokémon parody fanfiction. Confused? Visit the "First Time Here?" page to learn about PokéBattles.

Well as you all know the 10th anniversary of PokéBattles happened already, and we kicked off Diamond Version with 2 battles that day. We're working on getting everything going full speed so until then, keep checking back for updates. We'll be on a regular update schedule pretty soon!

Finally, it seems that Jason "The Almighty One" Ross still has what it takes to write PokéBattles, and he's doing just that. Head on over to the Red Archive on the right to catch up on what's going on, and then go check out his latest battles at After all, his writing is the reason we're here!

Update 2010/02/08 - Currently, the site is on hiatus due to a lack of Sliders DVDs.

Update 2014/05/03 - Shoutout to MISSINGNOLEADER for keeping the pokebattles dream alive with SB Version and Worm Version!

Update 2017/04/09 - PokéBattles recovered. Archival mode activated. Some functions may not work. You have been warned.

Latest Battles...

Pearl Version Battle #003: My Sea Drive is Full April 23, 2009 Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star
Long-time PB veteran Comic submitted us this awesome battle. He truly displays his ability to make good use of word play. Also, it has a pirate and geeky tech jokes. I don't think much more needs to be said. Read it and enjoy, it deserves everyone's read.
Written by

Pearl Version Battle #002: Home Away From Homeless! April 16, 2009 Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Dark Star Dark Star
Out of left field, forum member Nanaki brings us this wonderful battle about a Homeless Guy. Really! I totally was not expecting another fan battle so soon. This one is about a Homeless Man just trying to make his way in the world, when suddenly...bulldogs, thousands of them! Anyway, we are definitely looking forward to more battles by Nanaki!
Written by

Diamond Version Battle #002: It's Not Rocket Science April 14, 2009
As if one battle today weren't enough, we've got another one. This time with James. In this battle, James learns three things... 1) Meowths are overpaid, 2) Words are everything, and 3) Being dead is very much like being alive except the hours are poor, and the individual minutes are even worse.

Diamond Version Battle #001: Missingno.'s Visit April 14, 2009
10 years ago on this day, a neuron fired in the head of a young man named Jason Ross which compelled him to write what is known as a PokeBattle. To celebrate this, we've written a battle which pays tribute to the original battle itself. MISSINGNO. knows where you live. MISSINGNO. is at the door. MISSINGNO. is compelling you to leave comments.

Pearl Version Battle #001: Amazing Puzzles April 06, 2009 Gold Star Gold Star Gold Star Dark Star Dark Star
Our first fan battle on the new site comes to us from long-time PBer Gizensha! It's about Puzzle Guy, and it's a pretty lengthy battle with some pretty good moments! So, enjoy!
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